Vision and Values

Our vision is to improve the health of students, teachers, their families and other members of community through schools. Children and young people represent a country’s future. Their health needs are vital, and they share an entitlement to good health services with the rest of the community. Schools are a setting that offers a tremendous opportunity to impact such learning and reinforce the idea.


Our mission is to discover, refine and facilitate the practical application of strategies that can assist the youth, communities and societies in adopting and maintaining healthy action.


  • To inculcate health seeking behaviour in school students and raise awareness on relevant issues impacting our health
  • To foster the participation of school students residing in semi-urban areas and rural-urban fringes in initiatives designed to raise community health awareness and to mobilize action
  • To develop a supportive environment towards health issues and engage teachers, parents, students, school associations in efforts to encourage health seeking behaviour
  • Strive to improve the health of school personnel, families and community members as well as pupils; and works with community leaders to help them understand how the community contributes to, or undermines, health and education.
  • Develop personal skills – Identify skills that children and young people need to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles and behaviour in order to reduce the risk of diseases. Emphasize skills that others can develop to create conditions that are conducive to health.
  • To raise the awareness of school children, their families, teachers and community members at large on matters related to environment and global warming.
  • To sensitize school children on various issues such as alcohol and drug abuse, bullying and ragging etc. to motivate them into growing as model students and citizens of the country.