Outreach in Chennai- HOPE

HOPE initiative programme on hygiene and health was held in Ramakrishna Tapovanam – Thirupparaithurai, Tamil Nadu, 15 kilometres away from Trichy. About 350 students between the age of 9 and 15 years participated. 

10 steps to good health books were distributed, both in English and Tamil. The students actively participated in a didactic manner. They were well prepared on the various topics as given in the book. Detailed discussions were held on all the 10 topics. Demonstrations such as the 7 steps on hand washing was very well received.

There were about 10 teachers present. Students also gave positive feedback of learning about Hygiene and Health.

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    Our vision is to improve the health of students, teachers, their families and other members of community through schools. Children and young people represent a country’s future.